Rug Test #2

I moved on to try the Cotton Theory method for rug making.

I saw a rug made with this technique and it was impressive.  It looked good, it was thick and heavy, and it didn’t have that quilt as you go (QAYG) look.

I decided to make a hot pad instead of a rug just to test everything out, and I’m really glad I did.  My sample wasn’t thick or heavy.  It had the feel of a little wall quilt.  There are five layers of fabric in some places, and you can’t even tell.


So where did I go wrong?  I think it has a lot to do with the batting.  Whatever the speaker used in her samples must have been a lot heavier than the batting I used.  She may have also used some denim and upholstery fabric, whereas I used quilting cottons.

I’m no longer keen on this technique for a rug, but I will consider using it for charity quilts.  I didn’t like the weight and bulk of the quilt samples I saw at guild, but then again mine didn’t turn out that way.  I think the right fabric placement can minimize the QAYG look and the technique sews up fast.

I love that I learned something I can use on my way to something else.  Maybe the point of the rug project isn’t to make a rug at all.  Maybe it’s everything else learned in the attempt to make a rug.

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