Look What Came Home Today

My quilter (Karen) is SOOOOO fast turning those quilts around.  If she had a website I’d link to it because she also does a wonderful job and is reasonably priced.  I’ll never take my bed-sized quilts anywhere else.


You probably can’t tell from the picture, but the shape of the leaves in the quilting matches the shape of the leaves in the fabric.  Even the quilted flowers are close to the flower patterns in some of the fabric.

I’m looking forward to snuggling under the quilt and stitching the binding.  I always get a craving for handwork in the winter.  Something about the shorter days and colder weather makes me want to hunker down in my favorite chair fall into the meditative rhythm of hand stitching.

Today I let go of some books.  I bagged them up to donate to the library for their book sale.  Yesterday I let go of a box of plastic silverware and plastic cups from mom’s house.  I took them to work to use for the inventory lunches and the Christmas lunches.  I think they were left over from my sisters’ weddings, just another reminder that the 1970s live on.

I WILL clean out that house, one box at a time.

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2 Responses to Look What Came Home Today

  1. Beth in TN says:

    Quilt looks GREAT! Isn’t it terrific how the quilting really does ADD to a quilt!!

  2. Gayle says:

    Great job on the quilt and the cleaning!

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