I’m in this place where the ideas keep coming and I can’t seem to pick one.  It’s not that there are too many.  Well, there are too many, but not in an overwhelming kind of way.  It’s more like sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in.  There can never be too many waves, and I never tire of watching them.  No two are ever quite the same, and I wouldn’t want them to be.

I feel the same way about ideas.  Even when I get one of those ideas that won’t go away, I’ll think about it a little different every time it drifts through my mind.  It’s like having lunch with an old friend.  You cover the same basic topics, but the conversation changes as your lives change.

Meanwhile, I’m making myself crazy by not actually DOING anything.  There’s no wrong decision here.  I need to pick an idea and do something.  It doesn’t matter which idea.  They all serve their purpose and have something to say, something to teach.

The key words here are “picking” and “doing”.  Pick one.  Do something.  I feel like a teenager again, ignoring what everyone tells me.  I did that a lot. It was a gift, and it led to several of the most interesting years of my life.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere. 

Today I’m letting go of indecision.  Picking one.  Doing something.

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One Response to Stuck

  1. Beth in TN says:

    I usually find that as soon as I have the chance to start anything that I want, something comes along with a deadline that I MUST do instead! Just start something and see if that doesn’t happen 🙂

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