The Little Choice

I decided to take a large block that’s been sitting in the drawer forever and turn it into a premie quilt.  I made this block over ten years ago to donate to someone making quilts for soldiers.  I used unbleached muslin instead of bleached muslin, and the woman wouldn’t take it.  She only wanted blocks with bleached muslin backgrounds.


Now that I’ve quilted for a while I feel like I can say this.  Really?  Total strangers are willing to support your cause and you’re going to nitpick about how they do that?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have many people support my cause and make quilts and blankets for the Children’s Hospital, and I’m grateful for every single thing someone donated.  I’ve taken in crocheted blankets, tied quilts and traditional quilts in all shapes and sizes.  I don’t care what they look like.  All I care about is that a family going through a very difficult time will find comfort in those quilts and know that someone cares about them.

I hope that woman made and donated many quilts to people going through their own difficult times.  If quilters are anything, they are generous.  And I’m pleased that this block will finally fulfill its purpose and go to a family in need.

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