The Problem With Leaders and Enders

The problem with leaders and enders is that, well, I don’t have any.  I spent time cutting this afternoon.


And here are more scraps, in boxes under the ironing board, waiting to be pressed before I cut them.


There is also pressed but not cut fabric covering the extension table.  Leaders and enders are messy business.

Because cutting fabric is so boring, I got distracted.  Do you see the batting and purple fabric under the cutting mat?  That’s another small quilt with batting and backing, waiting for me to baste it.  It caught my eye while I was digging for scraps and I decided to finish it.

While I was digging for backing fabric for that quilt, a fat quarter pack caught my eye.  A friend just gave me a pattern that uses 12 fat quarters and one yard of fabric to make a quilt big enough to donate to Safe House, the Ann Arbor Guild charity of choice.  Of course, I had to start digging through the box I brought home this month to look for coordinating fabric. 

The Guild gets so much fabric donated for the Safe House quilts that no one person could store it all.  After the meeting, many members take a box of fabric home to store until the next meeting.  I always grab a box.  It’s kinda like grandkids.  When I’m done playing with it, I give it back.

So now I have fabric pulled for yet another quilt. 

This is what happens after I finish something.  I want to start EVERYTHING.

I did stay out of the quilt shops this week, so no fabric added.  I used .75 yards on the star quilt.  With so many projects going, the stash numbers should look good by the end of the year.

Fabric Added:  29.25 yards

Fabric Used:    24.5 yards

Net Added:      4.75 yards

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5 Responses to The Problem With Leaders and Enders

  1. You are pretty close to break even on the in and out, looks like you had a pretty good year in terms of stash management.

  2. obed101 says:

    I just try for the using number to be higher…..that way I don’t feel so bad when Frank comes into the room and frowns……


  3. Gayle says:

    And there in lies the problem with taming the scraps you already have. A messy, boring and tedious job rarely gets done. Sounds like a great time to turn on the audio book! I have too many things I need to finish up before I can do a major scrap box sort and cut. I am not giving up on that but I think I’ll take Bonnie’s advice and start making scrap piles from things I am working on now. When I get to a place where I can cut them all up that it is. HA!
    You probably already know this but I am new to Bonnie. I can’t believe how much she posts to her blog and how much she is able to get done. She is driven and must never sleep!

  4. Your statement: This is what happens after I finish something. I want to start EVERYTHING.
    pretty much says it all for me too. I start so many things! Maybe next year I’ll dedicate it to just finishing. Your numbers are good!

  5. Beth in MN says:

    Boy, can I relate to you!! Cutting Leaders & Enders are not my most enjoyable occupation unless I have a good audio book, something on TV, or while Bonnie is on Quilt Cam.

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