‘Tis The Season

It’s hard to believe a week this close to Christmas could suck so bad, but the Universe truly outdid itself. Rather than focus on that, here’s one of the bright spots of the week.

One of the guys at work tucked raspberry filled dark chocolate inside, bless his heart.
The food rolled in all week at work. By the time the last gift basket arrived late yesterday afternoon we were almost cringing. My days are split between three different buildings, none of which are particularly close to each other, so we had plenty of places to spread the joy. I still have two containers of caramel corn and a basket of chocolates sitting in my office that we’ll spread around after Christmas.
Now that all the work parties are over I can start focusing on the family. My first goal is to finish shopping. My second goal is to figure out what’s for Christmas dinner. After that, it’s all about sewing and sleeping.

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One Response to ‘Tis The Season

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend.

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