Strips, Blocks and Guild

I’ve been looking forward to going to quilt guild all week just to have some fun and get away from the day job and housework.  I almost didn’t go because monster boy looked so bad when he woke up.  I decided to go to the meeting, and then check back home before committing to stay for the class afterward.  By the time I called he was doing better.

The class taught a quilt pattern that goes together quickly, has no matching seams, and finishes the perfect size for the guild’s charity project.  Here are the strips I took to class.

 class strips

Here are some of the blocks made from the strips.


Knowing what I know now, I would have chosen different fabrics.  I thought we were all going to make blocks and pool them together, but that’s not how it worked out.  I guess I’ll be making at least one top from these blocks, maybe two.  I haven’t decided if the lighter ones should be in a different top or if they’ll work with the others.

Now that I know how much fabric it takes to make a full top and that the pattern is fat quarter friendly, I’ll have to go back through the stash.  We were told to bring a specific number of strips to class, but not how many strips it took to make the whole quilt.  It was a live and learn kind of experience.

It’s all good though.  You can never make too many charity quilts.

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One Response to Strips, Blocks and Guild

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Did you enjoy the after guild sew? They sound like fun and a good way to meet others in the group. I have wanted to do that but I had to work on quilt day four out of six days last year and had to high tail it back home to make it in time.

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