Gotta Love Goodwill

I made the trip to Goodwill on Sunday to look for a white wool anything that I could felt and use in the Shabby Fabrics Mystery BOM.  I was lucky enough to find this pale cream blazer.


I started ripping it apart last night.  I’ve sewn tailored jackets before, but I’d forgotten how much interfacing and stay stitching and padding and STUFF goes into making one.  It all came back to me as I ripped seam after seam.    A skirt would have been so much easier, but no such luck.

One thing I learned is that people do not dry clean their clothes before they donate them.  Once I ripped out the lining, the jacket had a funky smell, like it could stand a good cleaning.  Good thing that’s on the agenda. 

Hope to have this felted by the weekend so I can start making the first block.  I do not like to wait to start something once I decide I want to do it.  Who knew felting would be an exercise in patience?

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One Response to Gotta Love Goodwill

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Good for you. I plan on hitting the Goodwill in search of t-shirts I can use to make some doll clothes for my grand daughter’s American Girl Doll. The the print fabrics they have out are not doll friendly but I know I’ve seen people wearing nice print t-shirts.

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