Felting Results

The blazer felted up nicely, although I noticed it didn’t come clean around the cuffs. I can just cut that part off or work around it.  I ended up with more than a half yard of felted wool, but less than three-quarters.  I’ll call it 5/8 of a yard in.


No other fabric in this week.  I don’t feel any big urge to go to the Superbowl sales today.  I have plenty to do with what I have here, plus it’s cold and snowy.  Feels more like a sew in your slippers kind of day.

To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric In:    5/8 yard

Fabric Out:    0

Net Added:  5/8 yard

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1 Response to Felting Results

  1. DeAnna S says:

    Wow…I knew you lost a lot with felting, but didn’t realize it was that much. Looking forward to seeing it in project pic. Have a nice weekend and stay warm.

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