The Ideas Keep Coming

I finished making “Block B” for the Off Track quilt.  That’s 80 blocks in total that need arranged so I can start sewing them together.  If I had any guts, I’d just pull them out of a bag and start sewing.  A red next to a red?  No problem.  Three green blocks in a row?  No big deal. 

I’m laughing as I type this.  Not only would that make me crazy, but most of my quilting friends couldn’t do it either.  Maybe I can give it a try after living with Release as my word of the year a few more months.

No picture of the “B Blocks”.  I figure you’re as tired of seeing them as I am of taking pictures of them.

The bad thing about working on a mindless project is that my mind wanders.  It’s looking for something a little more interesting.  It wants an idea to play with and dream into the next project.  This is what it found.

I love the idea of this pattern as a purse.  Ever since I saw it on Monday, I can’t quit thinking about it.  I sketched it out in a first grader with crayons kind of way, which did help me figure out the construction.  It will take some play time in the sewing room to figure out how big to cut the strips to get the proportion right.

Exactly where does this fit in The Short List?

I’m thinking March.

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1 Response to The Ideas Keep Coming

  1. bbcute says:

    Her strip bag says 2-1/2″ strips. It looks as if they are actually woven, not that you start and stop with seams. Wish she would have given the pattern name. It looks familiar!

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