Getting Through A Sunday

No change in the stash this week.  I have five of the eight rows of what I’m now calling “Making Tracks” sewn together.  No plans to post another picture until the top is all sewn together.  Feels like there’s a bust coming for next week’s report.

Fabric In:    5/8 yard

Fabric Out:    0

Net Added:  5/8 yard

I spent most of the day running all over the place.  Groceries in the morning, followed by visiting mom and taking monster boy pants shopping in the afternoon. 

Mom was having another one of her mean days.  We walked in and did the standard put away and gather the laundry, refill the snack containers and check the ice cream to see if she needed more.  After that she went on the attack, which almost always involves her house.  I try to redirect her a few times, and if it doesn’t work I just tell her I’ll be back another day when she’s in a better mood.  Then I leave. 

I don’t think my son has ever witnessed one of those visits.  If we had stayed longer she would have told him how worthless I am.  I know it’s the dementia talking, but it’s still hard. 

On the up side, monster boy didn’t give me the hard time he usually does when we clothes shop.  The mom visit must have earned me a pass.

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