Mystery Gift #1 Incoming

I received my first gift from my Mystery Muse on Saturday. The poem is original according to the note on the back.


I’m always amazed at how different the gifts are each year, although I do see a trend toward items made from paper or card stock.
Last year both the items I sent out were sewn. The year before we only had to send out one item, and I sent a memory book. I can’t remember the theme from that year, but I know the person I sent to wanted to get out and have fun with her friends. I thought a memory book was a great way to keep little mementos from that year.
The weather is fixing to take another nasty turn, which means there’s a chance my quilt group meeting tomorrow will be cancelled. When the weatherman starts talking about ice, people tend to hunker down. I’m hoping it misses us, and my son hopes we get slammed. If only there were two-hour delays in the working world. I’d get a lot more sewing done.

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