March Short List

After kicking butt on the January short list, I failed to finish anything on the February list. 

I made the mistake of picking the biggest project to work on first, and work on it I did.  I was determined to get the Making Tracks quilt from the guild class done this month.  I sewed with a mission on Sunday night and got the entire top together.  Then I held it up and had a WTF moment.  No way was the top wide enough to meet the requirements for the guild’s charity.


At first I thought I sewed it together wrong, but no, I did it according to the directions.  The length is right, but it’s a full 12 inches too narrow (although it doesn’t look it in the picture).

I took a day to think about it, and decided to add one more row to the width.  It will still be narrower than I’d like, but not so much it looks weird.  I won’t be able to strip piecing the additional row because all the blocks would be made from two fabrics.  That would take me back to the weird vibe.  I guess this one stays on the list another month.

So here goes the March list, in no particular order. 

1.     Quilt the Summer’s Afloat top. 


2.     Quilt the circles and curves top. 


3.     Finish and mail the second Mystery Muse gift.  I was supposed to have this done by today.

4.     Finish the Making Tracks top.

5.     Complete the January block for the Shabby Fabrics mystery BOM.

6.     Complete the February block for the Shabby Fabrics mystery BOM.

I dropped one of the February projects because the list is more than enough as is.

To see how everyone else did, visit Patchwork Times.

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One Response to March Short List

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Thanks for posting your results. It keeps me interested in mine. I didn’t complete my list either but I did get more done that if I hadn’t had the list so that’s a good thing I think.

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