Driving, And More Driving

No fabric in or out this week.  The closest I got to sewing was pressing fabric to get it ready to cut.

It was a surprisingly busy week.  Tuesday I went to a short seminar on dealing with people that have dementia.  The speaker had a slightly different approach than what I’ve heard at other presentations.  I’ll have to give what she said some thought and try out some of her techniques.

Thursday I checked into what it takes to get a temporary driver’s license so my son could get his.  Turns out in Ohio you need both your social security card and your birth certificate.  Of course, I could find neither.  That’s what I did Thursday and Friday nights. 

I found them both (together) late Friday.  Early Saturday morning I was on the road to my mom’s house to clean and pack up more of her things to bring here.  I can’t begin to count all the loads I’ve hauled out of that house.  I wanted to bring some furniture up, but I couldn’t wrangle it out of the house by myself.  Some of it wasn’t that heavy, it just needed someone on the other end to twist it through the door.

The next time I go I’ll take license boy and make him drive.  Gotta get that 50 hours of driving in somehow.

To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric In:    1 5/8 yard

Fabric Out:    2.75 yards

Net Used:  1 1/8 yard

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