Strips, Scraps and Something New

While blog-hopping a few weeks go I saw the most adorably strippy baby quilt.  Wish I could remember where I saw it, but I was meandering around the web and simply don’t.  I thought it would be a good way to use up fabric and make charity quilts.

I have so many small fabric pieces in my stash.  It’s an endless source of irritation to pull out a piece of fabric and see that it’s too small for what I’m making.  I know I should cut it all into squares or bricks or something, but I don’t make those kinds of quilts.

I figured out how wide to cut the strips so that I could use a quilt as you go technique and use up some of those rogue fabrics.  This will be quilt #1.


Some child will be fascinated by all the weird fish shapes.

Before I even have this one made I’m thinking of variations.  If I can stay focused, I can use up a lot of fabric this way. 

Of course, the other day I saw something else I found fascinating.  I will stay focused…. I will stay focused ….. I will stay focused.

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1 Response to Strips, Scraps and Something New

  1. Michelle says:

    Some mommy may be fascinated by those weird fish shapes. I know when I was in the NICU with my boys there wasn’t much to look at besides the quilts and little knit hats. Or maybe that’s because I’m a quilter! 🙂

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