All About Bob

I’ve been remiss in reporting on the gluten-free foods I’ve tried recently. This report is all about Bob’s Red Mill mixes.
I made the gluten free brownie mix a couple of weeks ago. It made a nice chocolaty brownie with good consistency and flavor. Even permit boy eats these.


The other mix I tried was the gluten free pancake mix. I almost made a huge mistake here. I originally planned to give it a thumbs down because the pancakes tasted so blah. They rose better than most gluten free mixes, but yuck!
I was desperate one morning last week and made them again. The mix calls for egg, milk (I use almond) and oil. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel like adding grease to my breakfast so I left the oil out.
The pancakes tasted a hundred times better. The problem wasn’t the mix; it was adding oil to the mix. Now I’ll keep the mix and leave the oil. I just added a little more milk to make up for the lost liquid.
This is a good trick to know. Next time I buy a mix and don’t like it, I’ll be adjusting the add-ins to see if it makes a difference.

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  1. bbcute says:

    Always glad to get your take on the mixes!

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