Dorky Homemade Beads

At the March Art Quilt Group meeting we made beads from air-dry clay. I have a whole tub of this stuff, but I never tried making anything with it. I can’t say that I was thrilled with the results.


The one with the little round balls broke. I made one that looked like lattice and it completely fell apart. That one went into the trash. The ones with a little more heft to them turned out the best. One of the members made some beads that were square and those looked good.
Years ago I made a few beads from Model Magic. Those came out much whiter and lighter, without the cracking I got with the clay.
The next step is to try painting the air-dry beads to see what happens. Some of the other members tried it with mixed results. I may try several different paints to see what works best.
With a big tub of clay I can definitely make more if I need them.

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