Cutting On

Now I have the tan strips cut for Confetti Breeze, but no sewing yet.


It doesn’t look like much at this point.  I had to pin the strips after I bumped my design wall and knocked everything off.  The strips fell into a big pile and I had to sort them to get them in the right order. The only fabric out this week was .25 yards for the snowman.
In the last post I wondered if a household project would be finished before this quilt, and the answer to that is yes. Yesterday we emptied out our pantry, scrubbed it down, repainted it and did a major purge as we refilled it. That closet holds a lot of household maintenance and cleaning supplies as well as canned food and dry goods. I didn’t throw any food away, but I half filled the recycle bin with paper and plastic items. It feels good to have that done.
I also had craft supplies in there, which I swear I am not putting back. Counting that closet, my craft and sewing supplies are in four different storage areas outside my sewing room. My goal is to get it all out of the dining room and laundry room and into my sewing room and one other storage area. That will drive the next household project.
To see how much fabric everyone else is buying and using, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric In: 1 3/4 yard
Fabric Out: 7 1/2 yards
Net Used: 5 3/4 yards

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