Where The Time Goes

This has turned into one crazy summer.

One of my direct reports at work resigned, giving only two days notice, and was gone by the time the person that is covering her work came back from vacation.

I’m still cleaning the “stuff” I brought home from mom’s last weekend out of the back of my SUV. 

I FINALLY finished filling out all the paperwork to list the house.  I haven’t sold a home in over 20 years and I can’t believe all the questions.  What happened to buying a house and fixing whatever you find wrong?  I’ve done it the old school way twice and lived to talk about it.

Then there was the ear infection.  I’ve never had one my whole life.  No other symptoms except severe ear pain.  I let it go a week before I broke down and went to the doctor because I was sure it would go away.  Not so much.  It’s amazing how something so minor can be a huge energy drain.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the NQA show to relax and enjoy some quilty eye candy.  I’m thinking about sewing again, and I’m thinking about new quilt designs.  The storm hasn’t cleared, but it’s time to get back to living.

In that spirit, here’s one of my all time favorite painted fabrics, painted many summers ago during simpler times.


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One Response to Where The Time Goes

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    You can still sell a home as is. Or you can get one of those insurance plans that covers anything major for the first year for not much money. I like to blame what is going on in real estate these days on HGTV shows like House Hunters. When we sold our house ten years ago our realtor told us we would have to paint our whole house interior in a neutral color because people would not want to buy it if every room was a different “bold” color. I told her too bad. If they were too stupid to know they could paint the rooms the colors they wanted then they were too stupid to buy my house. We didn’t paint and it sold in two weeks. Go figure.

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