July Short List

I completed one item on the June short list.  I can live with that since I finished some non-quilting projects that I’ve wanted to get done for a long time.  I find my quilting goes better when the other areas of my life see positive progress.

So here goes the Short List for July.

1.     Native American Round Robin, a carryover from past months


2.     Start a handwork project.  At this point any one will do.

3.     Confetti Breeze quilt, another carryover from past months.  I’m working on this one now.

confetti breeze eq

4.     The newest art quilt group challenge, which is a whole cloth quilt.  I’m in the thinking stage on this one.  I find the idea of “whole cloth” within the framework of “art quilt” an interesting concept.  To me, whole cloth quilts ooze with tradition.  No piecing or appliqué allowed in this challenge.

That’s it for me.  To see what everyone else hopes to accomplish, visit Patchwork Times.

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1 Response to July Short List

  1. Whole cloth quilts as art. My grandmother drew out her own quilting motifs–so I think of a whole cloth quilt as art!

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