Everything That Could Go Wrong…

I took a mid-week trip to my mom’s house to get some service people in to fix things.  Some things are easier to schedule during the week.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I even left the house early so I’d get there a couple hours before the carpet cleaners.  There was a plan that was not meant to be.

I started having car trouble about 45 minutes out.  Four dummy lights later I exited the turnpike and headed back home.  My car went in for service.  I rented a car and started the trip over – two hours later.  I beat the carpet people to the house by 20 minutes.

I planned to work in the yard to stay out of the way.  It stormed within the hour.  I worked in the garage until it stopped.  I went back out into a much wetter yard to work more.  The tornado sirens started sounding.  Was that really necessary?

Six tornado sirens and a good hour of torrential rain later I gave up and did some work in the house.  When it cleared up later that night, I went back outside and finished up what I started in the yard.  I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted, but I did make some progress.  All things considered, I’m happy with that.

The closest I’ve come to sewing this week is to take a quilting book back to the library and check out a new one.  With any luck, that will change tomorrow.

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