It rained the first two days of our vacation and part of the third.  We usually get lucky and only have one day with rain, but this year it wasn’t meant to be.  With so much time indoors I finished this quilt top Tuesday morning.


The pattern is called “All In A Row” from the book 3 Fabric Quilts by Leni Levenson Weiner.  I’m more familiar with Weiner’s pictorial quilts from photos and her corresponding book, Photo Inspired Art Quilts.

I took another project, but I didn’t have the right fabric to make the setting blocks.  I bought a green and brown print a while ago that was too busy for the quilt.  My family was kind enough to stop at a quilt shop on our way to dinner so I could get more fabric, but the shop was out of business.  The next closest shop was well over an hour away.

This was a first.  I’ve never been anywhere that didn’t have a quilt shop.  The shops may have been small, but still.  No quilting community?  No quilt guilds?  Nowhere to buy good fabric?  How do the people there survive?  So sad that a place considered an art community does not support fiber art.

I ended up packing the sewing machine away and breaking out the handwork.  I didn’t have everything I need for that either, a story for another day.

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