Trucks and Boxes and Bags, Oh My!

I would love to show pictures of wonderful things made out of the show fabric, but all I’ve done since the show is clean, sort, pack, unpack and pitch.  That truckload of stuff we planned to clear out of mom’s house ended up closer to three truckloads.  It goes without saying that we did not get it all done.

There is a pile in the living room.  And the garage.  And a second storage unit that is thankfully not full since another truckload will move in next month.  The goal between now and then is to clear out as much as possible. 

We have found little treasures along the way.  As close as we can figure, this is a picture of a high school graduation ceremony.  I must be related to one of the families.  Next time I visit mom I’ll take it with me.  If she’s having a good day she may remember who it is.


Notice the Italian flag on the right and the American flag in the background with only 48 stars.

What struck me most when I saw this picture is how we take education for granted in this country.  These girls may represent the first or second generation of women in their families to receive an education.  So many in the first part of the 20th century didn’t.

My son starts school tomorrow and looks at it as a huge waste of his time.  He thinks he has better things to do.  He doesn’t understand how fortunate he is to have the opportunities he has.

What a difference a few generations makes.

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