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October Short List

I can’t believe we’re talking October already.  That means the holidays are just around the corner.  Definitely not ready to talk about the holidays yet. With the new month comes the new Short List.  I finished one of the two … Continue reading

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Stash Report 9/29/13

I didn’t buy or use any fabric last week.  I made a couple more blocks from the charity kit, which was the full extent of my sewing.   To see what everyone else accomplished last week, whether sewing or buying, … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Simple

At Saturday’s quilt guild an industrious member made quilt kits and put them on the charity table for people like me that can barely make time to sew.  I took one (of course), thinking I could do some mindless sewing … Continue reading

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Not Quite Fabric

No fabric out for the stash report this week. I did buy a piece of something at a thrift shop yesterday, but it isn’t quite fabric so it doesn’t count. I put pink fabric behind it to make it easier … Continue reading

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Look Who Sewed!

I’m not sure how it happened, but I got up this morning and started quilting the Confetti Breeze top.  I finished it after work, minutes before I had to pick up permit boy at a school event.   I quilted … Continue reading

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The Ten Year Project

  Not quite, but almost. I’ve decided the only sewing I have time for is handwork, so I dug out a project from days gone by.  I believe this is block #14.   It’s time to admit that my life … Continue reading

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Stash and A New Table

No fabric in or out last week. Most my time went to setting up for another round of selling mom’s stuff.  I got rid of some bulky items that would have been hard to store, which made me happy.  So … Continue reading

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In spite of yet another incredibly crappy week, I finished a project on the Short List. I’m thrilled that something leaves the list AND I get to start a new handwork project.  It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve … Continue reading

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A Little Paint Makes a Difference

  I spruced up the butterfly and painted the places where the white background showed through with green.  I thought the white might bother me once I finished quilting and it would be harder to fix later.  Can you see … Continue reading

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Home Stretch

I finished the largest sections of the Christmas bow, including all the beading.   I moved on to the smaller sections.  I’m making progress by stitching on it in the morning before work.  I kill five minutes here, ten minutes … Continue reading

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