Home Stretch

I finished the largest sections of the Christmas bow, including all the beading.


I moved on to the smaller sections.  I’m making progress by stitching on it in the morning before work.  I kill five minutes here, ten minutes there while waiting for breakfast to cook or Permit Boy to get out the door. 

At night I work on something in the sewing room after sorting through a box from mom’s house.  I can’t believe how much more stuff I’ve pitched.  It never seems to end.

If I can keep this going I’ll finish the Christmas Bow this week.

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One Response to Home Stretch

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    In the past year I have come to realize how much I can get done in a few minutes here and there. I have a hard time working like that but with my life exploding all of a sudden I have not had large blocks of time to devote to quilting stuff. Good for you for spending time in your sewing room. I have found that even just folding fabric, pressing and cutting scraps can inspire me to do more in there. Good luck with clearing out all of your mom’s stuff! Another do a bit at a time type of job.

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