October Short List

I can’t believe we’re talking October already.  That means the holidays are just around the corner.  Definitely not ready to talk about the holidays yet.

With the new month comes the new Short List.  I finished one of the two projects on the September Short List (Christmas Bow).  I’m pleased with that considering September was crazy busy.

October should be a little calmer so I’m putting four projects on the list.

1.     The butterfly quilt, which is a carryover from September.


2.     My old friend Confetti Breeze is back on the list.  I’m sewing the facing on this one.


3.     Get the charity quilt kit from guild sewn into a finished top.  I have 5 of 35 blocks made.


4.     Finish appliquéing the Dresden plate block.


I doubt I can get all that done, but it’s something to work toward.

To see all the other October lists, visit Patchwork Times.

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One Response to October Short List

  1. Sharon - IN says:

    I’m interested in following your Confetti Breeze quilt – new to me. Nice Dresden plate!

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