Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a new project? So many ideas to pick from, limited time to sew them.
I’m feeling a little bad about how many UFOs I finished this year. That would be none. I used a couple old blocks in charity quilts, but that’s as good as it got.
So I felt the need to drag out a couple UFO boxes and lovingly look through those old projects. Nothing can kill a project quicker at my house than houseguests. Sewing room = guest room = pack everything away. Those projects never seem to come back out once they go in a box.
One box smelled a little funky, like I’m not sure what. It may have come from the box itself, or it may have been one of the projects. Either way I decided to leave the box out and open to freshen it up.


Maybe that will inspire me to work on something in the box. I pulled out one of the bells last night and stitched the opening closed. I have three more bells just like it and no firm design in mind.


I cut fabric for a small project last night too. Maybe I can rotate my way through a couple different quilts and finish something.
If nothing else, it got me hanging out in the sewing room.

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One Response to Treasure Hunt

  1. Gayle says:

    Didn’t see you. I had to run out of there though because I had to work at 12:30. With the meeting taking forever though I was late any way.

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