Walk Of Shame

Not really.  I had a fun fabric day yesterday and I’d do it all over again.  Actually, I am doing it again today.  A local quilt shop has a sale going and I have a gift certificate to use up by year-end.

Before guild yesterday I added fabric to the box I took back for the charity quilt table.  The members store the boxes between meetings so the guild doesn’t have to.  After the meeting I finished the bowl cozy.


I already had one that a friend gave me, but I wanted a smaller one to fit different bowls.  That’s a whopping ¾ yards out.

The downhill slide started before the guild meeting.  I bought a grab bag from the vendor because I liked the bright fabrics and the large cut of a neutral.  I figured it at under three yards, a steal at $5.

Then I went and picked up another grab bag at the thrift shop.  That one held more fabric than I thought, but a huge deal at under $2.  Between the two bags I added 5 ¼ yards.

The squares came from the thrift, the cuts from the vendor.


This weekend sealed my fate.  I’ll finish this year in the red.  To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

 Fabric In:    14 ½ yards

Fabric Out:    10 ½ yards

Net Added:  4  yards

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3 Responses to Walk Of Shame

  1. Dar in MO says:

    You did great with your grab bag buys. Does that mean you only have 4 yards left in your stash for the whole year to play with?? lol If so, that’s not near enough. I may have to send you more to help cover those bare shelves!

  2. Kate says:

    Hopefully you won’t end the year too far in the black!

  3. Lori says:

    I have seen those cute bowl holders, it may be put on a wish list 🙂

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