The Candle Incident

‘Tis the season……

Sunday I pulled a box of Christmas decorations out of the closet to start decorating.  Permit boy decided he wanted something bright and shiny for his desk.  He settled on one of those electric candles with the super short cords.  I think they cost about a buck at The Dollar Store.

Much later while I was cooking dinner, he yelled over to tell me his candle went out.   I thought the bulb had blown and went to get another one.  We replaced the bulb and it still wouldn’t light.  We tried another bulb and it did light.  Then it flickered and went out.  I wiggled the cord a little, took the bulb out and screwed it back in.  Nothing.

One more try.  I saw a small puff of smoke come out of the socket, but the thing still didn’t light.  Permit boy didn’t see the smoke.  It really was the tiniest little puff.

Then I noticed all the lights on our mini Christmas tree had gone out.  Next we both noticed the air purifier wasn’t running.  Next permit boy tried the hall lights.  Nothing.

Yep.  That one little electric candle blew the breaker and took out the power in half the house. 

We relocated the offending decoration to the trash.

Santa and his reindeer now fly across the desk in its place.


Never think that one small thing can’t make a big difference.

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