Not In The Spirit

I’m not sure where the time went, but Christmas is in 11 days.  Today might as well be over since nothing productive will happen before I go to bed.  I find it hard to wrap my mind around a few sad facts.

I have bought zero gifts.  Nada. None.  And I am not a last minute shopper.  Surprisingly, no one at my house seems to care.

We have received zero Christmas cards.  Does anyone send those out anymore?

We did not put up our Christmas tree.  There was no encouraging the guys to get the tree and decoration down from above the garage.  I put a two-foot tree in the dining room every year, so there’s that.  The guys never plug it in.  I put an even smaller tree in the living room.  It belonged a co-worker’s mother-in-law.  When the MIL died my co-worker offered to give it to me to put in mom’s room at assisted living.  I thought she changed her mind because it took her a month to bring it to work.  I didn’t want to say anything because her MIL had JUST died.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the little things. 

With Christmas fast approaching, I bought my mom a tree so she would have one.  So now the hand-me-down tree lives with me.


The only Christmasy thing I’ve done this month is watch Polar Express.  Christmas isn’t  the same without a small child in the house.

They’re forecasting more snow tomorrow than I want to drive in.  Maybe that will bring some Christmas spirit to my house.  Maybe not.  If you happen to have any extra, please send it our way.

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One Response to Not In The Spirit

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    Zero gifts bought???? Yikes. You should shop on line. I hadn’t done too much of it before this year but I got most everything from Amazon and I shopped on Thanksgiving morning! Our tree is up but I have to say this is the earliest it has ever been up so you are fine. I agree with the little kid statement though. Grandkids put me back in the mood!!!!

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