Feeding The Inner Student

As a child I was a natural student.  I learned quickly with little effort and really enjoyed it.  I still enjoy learning.  I wouldn’t want to repeat my college days, but I’m all for a good challenge that stretches me in new ways.

For the last project on my creative goal list, I knew I wanted something I could work on all year that incorporated some of my other goals.  I debated several choices, including revisiting Quilt University classes I never finished and sectioning off a large quilt to create my own personal block of the month.

After sleeping on it I decided to work my way through The Visual Dance by Joen Wolfrom.

I’ve owned this book for years.  I love the way Joen uses nature as her inspiration and intuition as her creative guide.  I took a color class from her several years ago and she is the nicest person, so soft spoken and low key.  I learned a lot in that class.

I’m on chapter two, exercise three.  I’m glad I can do some of the exercises in Electric Quilt software.  So much easier than sketching or making a bunch of copies!  I’ll share what I create in the exercises, even if it’s awful.  I learn more from my mistakes anyway.

I don’t expect to work all the way through the book this year.  It’s more important to me to learn and experiment than reach the end.  I can always continue the process into next year if I want. 

My life, my goal, my rules.

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