Out Of The Blue

I have absolutely nothing quilt related to post.

We closed on mom’s house this week and it consumed all my time.  I had no idea it was a 40 step process, that I would have to write out a small paragraph every time I signed for her, or that the banks made up a hundred new rules since the last time I sold a house and expected me to follow them EXACTLY.

I’m so glad I don’t work for a bank anymore.   I would be embarrassed to admit it.

To keep this post interesting, here is a picture of some blocks I won in a raffle several years ago. 


I won many other blocks that I’ve used in various projects, and I have more I haven’t used. 

My guild is having a small quilt auction in July in conjunction with our quilt show.  I’m thinking I can turn these into something somebody will love.

The colors pre-date my life as a quilter, which means I have no matching stash.  This is all I have to work with.

Sounds like another challenge.  Maybe should start a challenge of the month series….

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