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The Visual Dance, Chapter Three

Did you think I dropped my goal of working through The Visual Dance this year? I didn’t forget about it.  I leave the book where I see it every day so it doesn’t get buried by life’s debris. Exercise two … Continue reading

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Everything But Stash

I didn’t add or use any fabric this week. The hospital released mom yesterday afternoon.  Today I have to go buy her new clothes because everything that includes pants will aggravate her broken hip.  It’s not the pants themselves, it’s … Continue reading

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The Long Haul

So mom is still in the hospital.  All the trips up there have worn me down to that tired place.  Some days they talk release and others they don’t.  I’ll have to see it to believe it. You’d think I … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Baking Simplified

I have quite the sweet tooth, and a fussy one at that.  I don’t much care for packaged baked goods.  I like my cookies and cakes from scratch. And when I get the craving for something yummy, it’s usually something … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Do This Weekend

This is everything from Mom’s house.  The place is empty, the keys went to the new owners, and I never have to make that six hour round trip again. I have matching piles in the living room, the dining room … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

Some days it feels like I’ll never get back in the sewing room again. Of course that’s not true.  It just feels that way. After I spent a weekend packing at the house, mom managed to fall Sunday night which … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend Instead Of Sewing

Imagine this time three full SUV loads. Mom’s house sold in January and it has snowed every weekend since.  It snowed this weekend too, but I’m out of time.  I almost made it home before snow covered the roads and … Continue reading

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Visual Dance: More Line Designs

I have a few more quilts to share from the line exercises.  Again, I had to take a block with a specific direction to its design and use it in horizontal, vertical and square quilts. For the second round I … Continue reading

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A Lovely Year of Finishes February Goal

No fabric in or out this week.  First snow, then rain, and then snow again yesterday.  I didn’t even consider going to the Superbowl sales.  I’m making progress on the February LYoF goal.  I’m ready to quilt once I decide … Continue reading

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Visual Dance: Line

The Chapter Two exercises are behind me, and I finished reading Chapter Three last night.  Chapter Two contained an in-depth discussion of line.  When translated into quilting, the discussion turned to sets and orientation. In my favorite exercise, I had … Continue reading

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