Visual Dance: Line

The Chapter Two exercises are behind me, and I finished reading Chapter Three last night.  Chapter Two contained an in-depth discussion of line.  When translated into quilting, the discussion turned to sets and orientation.

In my favorite exercise, I had to take a block with a specific direction to its design and use it in horizontal, vertical and square quilts.  Interesting exercise.  What I found was that I could come up with a quilt design I liked if I played with the color and the set long enough.

The block has a pieced diagonal line that runs corner to corner.  I liked it in the horizontal set.

 VDL horizontal

I also liked it in a square set.

 VDL square design

If I flipped the horizontal quilt and made it vertical, I’d still like it.  Using two colors (green and blue) in the blocks instead of one made all the difference.  Wouldn’t it look great in black, white and one other color?

Will I make one these quilts?  Maybe.  They would make good baby quilts or donations to the small quilt auction.

I tried this same exercise with a different block and liked it even more, but that’s a post for another day.

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  1. Joyce says:

    I like it too!

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