What I Didn’t Do This Weekend


This is everything from Mom’s house.  The place is empty, the keys went to the new owners, and I never have to make that six hour round trip again.

I have matching piles in the living room, the dining room and two storage units.

We picked up my husband’s friend and the rental truck Friday morning and hit the road.  I made it a few exits down the turnpike when my phone rang.  Mom had fallen (again) and broke her hip.  After some frantic phone calls to the guys in the truck, we both exited so I could give them the house keys and some supplies.  I never made it to the house.  My only contribution was helping unload the truck at this end.

I spent the entire day at the hospital.  Mom had surgery in the afternoon and is recovering.  It will be a long road ahead for her.

It will also be a long time before my truck sees the inside of the garage again.  The guys loaded everything on the truck.  I doubt I would have kept as much, but my husband’s buddy is one of those people that throws very little away.  When I took items straight from the truck to the garbage, he pulled them back out.  I decided to wait until he went home to do my sorting.

I also decided that I have to take some time for me or the responsibilities that come with mom will crush me.  It wasn’t much, but I did start the second Frosty panel yesterday.


No change in the stash.  To see all the other reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric in:  2¾ yard + 2 inches

Fabric out:  4 yards + 4 inches

Net Used:  1 ¼ yards + 2 inches

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9 Responses to What I Didn’t Do This Weekend

  1. Libby Smith says:

    It’s tough when the caretaker/caregiver roles are reversed. I hop your mom does well. But do take care of yourself, too.

  2. Charlene S says:

    Remember if you don’t take care of yourself first then you won’t be able to care for her. Take at least 15 minutes just for you each day.

  3. Linda M says:

    I’m so sorry about your mom. I hope her recovery goes well. I’m glad you’re able to take time for yourself doing something you enjoy.

  4. Gayle Kush says:


  5. Dee Dee says:

    It is so hard caring for a aging parent. I am glad you have quilting as an escape, be sure to make time for it and take care of yourself. Hope her recovery is uneventful. What a relief it must be not having the long trips to your mom’s house. Take care.

  6. Denise says:

    I’m glad that your Mom’s house stuff is done. I’m very glad that you took time for yourself. It is not easy to recognize that you need give yourself a break. Hurray for Donna!

  7. Kate says:

    Hope you Mom heals quickly. It’s hard to have to “do it all”. Glad you were able to take a few minutes for yourself.

  8. Dar in MO says:

    That is not a fun weekend, but now that it’s done, hopefully things will be better. Hope your mom recovers well and that you get some time to relax.

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