Gluten Free Baking Simplified

I have quite the sweet tooth, and a fussy one at that.  I don’t much care for packaged baked goods.  I like my cookies and cakes from scratch.

And when I get the craving for something yummy, it’s usually something mom baked when I was growing up.  The memories of those childhood favorites never go away.

I have no idea why, but I had a major craving for Russian Teacakes.  I think we called them Butterballs too.  It’s a small round cookie made mostly of butter, powdered sugar and nuts.

Rather than search for a gluten free version, I decided to make them by substituting gluten free baking mix for the wheat flour.  They turned out fine, and I’ve eaten more than a few.


That worked so well I decided to approach all those recipes I miss making the same way.  Some may flop, but I’m willing to take that chance.  It’s so much easier than buying all those weird flours and hoping the finished product doesn’t taste like sawdust.

Maybe I’ll try sugar cookies next.

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