March A Lovely Year Of Finishes & Short List

I’ve decided to pretend February never happened.  Between mom spending two weeks in the hospital and hubby hurting his back I didn’t get anything done.  I have big hopes for March.  NOTHING lasts forever.  The accidents and illnesses WILL stop.

In the spirit of hope, I have a great big Short List.

1.     My Lovely Year of Finished project is the tulip quilt, same as last month.  I have started quilting it.


2.     Confetti Breeze.  I entered this quilt in a show at the end of April.  It still needs a hanging sleeve, label and embellishment.


3.     Frosty #2, started but not far along.  I can hardly stand looking at snow long enough to finish it.


4.     The next variation of a quilt made only of squares, as part of The Visual Dance exercises.  I haven’t started this one.

5.     My art quilt group challenge for the month, something with curves.  I have ideas but haven’t started sketching yet.  I’ll blog more about this one later. 

I’m excited about this list, which I hope translates into lots of finishes. 

To see all the other March goals, visit Fiber of All Sorts.

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