Quilt As Desired, Part One

The quilting is my least favorite part of making a quilt.  I know I’m not the only person that feels this way.  In spite of how I feel, I only have a couple tops that need quilted.  I try not to let them stack up.

I consider myself a confident beginner in the free-motion quilting world.  I don’t do it often enough to get good at it, and I don’t much enjoy it.  I can show my quilts at guild without feeling embarrassed, but I won’t win prizes anytime soon.

I know I’d complete projects faster if I liked the quilting, so I’m working toward a method I can enjoy.  I’m past caring how anyone else does it.  If it gets the job done, it’s all good.

With that in mind I decided to share how I quilted the auction quilt.  I’m starting with the border because that’s what I’m working on now.

I knew I wanted to do a continuous crocus border, only I wanted tulips so it matched the center of the quilt.  I started by cutting strips of Golden Threads paper and taping them together so they fit over the border.


Then I folded the border to create registrations lines to help with spacing.  I believe this is how the hand quilters do it.

Next I drew the border very lightly in pencil.  I wasn’t happy with my tulips, so I created a template from an appliqué pattern and used it to trace the tulips onto the Golden Threads paper.  At this point I switched to Pigma Pen.  I learned the hard way that pencil lines can transfer to your fabric when you stitch through Golden Threads paper.


Once I was happy with the border I pinned it to the quilt.  I used a lot of pins to keep it from shifting.

At this point I had the choice to either free motion quilt or not.  Either way I could use the drawn template as a guide.  I decided to quilt with the feed dogs up.  I’m donating this quilt to a silent auction and I want it to look nice.

Here’s what it looks like stitched.


The template helped keep everything even.  I never expected to quilt exactly on all the lines.  Once I remove the paper no one will know the difference.

Next time I’ll share how I quilted the rest of the quilt.

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1 Response to Quilt As Desired, Part One

  1. Gayle Kush says:

    I kept my feed dogs up while free motion quilting for a very long time. I still do if it’s something where I feel the need to be precise. Just seemed to give me a bit more control over stitch length. I did it accidentally the first time and liked the results. No quilt police have EVER knocked on my door!

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