Quilting 15 Minutes A Day

A few years ago I made a point to spend time quilting every day. Once I established the routine, I sewed closer to 1 hour a day and finished a lot more projects.
Circumstances change over time, and I dropped the habit. Frustrated by the lack of creative time in my life, I decided to give it another shot.
I don’t time myself. Some days I sew less than 15 minutes, some days more. Except for the weekend, I sew early in the morning before everyone wakes up.
I find my mood has greatly improved and all those irritating things that happen at work don’t seem to bother me as much. My projects move forward. They may not move very fast, but they move.
Here’s the second “squares” quilt again.


I rearranged some of the blocks and sewed them into rows. The smaller fabric swatches make up the border. That’s at the audition stage, but the final will look similar. My original plan was to scatter the smaller squares within the body of the quilt, which didn’t work at all. Some ideas only work on paper.
Two weeks in and so far so good. I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to Quilting 15 Minutes A Day

  1. mego98125 says:

    I hear you! I’ve started to set up ‘blocks’ on a flannel backed board the night before while I’m watching TV. Then in the morning while everyone is asleep and the coffee is perking, I sew together the blocks…or whatever I can get done. It really sets up the day!

  2. Gayle Kush says:

    I started doing this when you blogged about it the first time. I am amazed at how much it makes me want to sew! I go in my sewing room every single morning for 10-15 minutes. Even if it’s just to straighten something out or file something. Just being in there seems to make me want to sew!

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