Alteration Overload

I took a little break from sewing to work on the ever-growing alteration pile. Those clothes pile up, and I can’t wear them until I fix them.

I pinned one leg of a pair of pants I bought six months ago. I even took a few stitches.


I marked a shirt I bought in mid-January. I picked it up for next to nothing at the thrift shop, but it was a “tall”. Since I am average, the shirt and the sleeves were way too long. I think I pinned the sleeves up three inches.


I know I have another shirt around here I bought almost three years ago. It needs alterations in the arms and hemmed. I may have a few more things tucked away in a project box. I’m scared to look. I always find things I forgot about and feel bad I never finished them.

Then there’s the “squares” quilt top. I bought some Quilter’s View Film the other day at Joann’s, and pulled it out this morning to give it a try. You can draw the quilt design on the clear vinyl and audition it. I’m not sure if you can clean off the marker and reuse the film or not. I plan to use washable marker to increase my chances.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

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