Sewing Room Clean Up and Stash Report

I cleaned up the debris from finding mold in my UFO bins. I lost the better part of one small quilt. I could only save her face. You can see the mildew spots and rust marks from straight pins.



I also have an antique quilt that will need TLC to get the mildew off it.   I’m worried that one will run since it has red, green and white fabric. I doubt anyone ever washed it.

I threw away a lot of scraps, paper and miscellaneous in the bins. I washed the bins out with bleach and repacked them with UFOs, but this time I left the lids off and put them on the bed instead of under it.

I feel crowded in there now. We looked at shelving at Home Depot yesterday, but didn’t buy anything. I’m not sure what I want to do in there. Sometimes I think the better solution is to have less stuff.

No fabric bought this week. I’m clearing off the two inch nonsense with this week’s fabric out. Now I have nice even numbers.

To see the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric in: 3 yards

Fabric out: 11 yards

Net Used: 8 yards

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