UFO Parade: Color Wheel Blocks

I’m still working way too much and not sewing. Anything. Ever. I have interviewed some candidates and have more resumes to choose from. If I look real hard, I may see my life way out on the horizon. Maybe.

Since I don’t have anything new to show I’m showing the old stuff. I plan to get back in the sewing room before I run out of UFOs. If I’ve shown a quilt recently I won’t bore you with it again.

I call these my Color Wheel blocks. I have no idea if that’s the name of the pattern or not. They’re old, they’re stained and I bought them on e-Bay. They’ve grown on me over the years.


I bought these about 10 years ago during my fascinated with antique quilts phase. There are 30 blocks, all equally ugly, all with the same horrible muslin background. I mean that in the kindest way possible. The muslin may be feedsack as the weave is loose and the texture rough.

They look better when you lay them out as a quilt top. In this case it’s better to look at the forest than the trees.

I have no idea what I’ll ever do with them, if anything. I was proud of myself for finding them right away. I don’t always get that lucky.

These days I stay away from e-Bay. The last thing I need is more stuff.

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