Back To Squares #2

I finally made it into the sewing room, but not long enough to finish anything. I’m just grateful I got in there at all.

We had a school function last night that ate up hours of time. They are few and far between, but always too long. I’ll take the high school events over the grade school events any day though. The little ones are cute, but some of the performances were painful to watch.

The next time you see this quilt, it will be quilted.


To see all the other stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Fabric in: 3 yards

Fabric out: 11 yards

Net Used: 8 yards

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2 Responses to Back To Squares #2

  1. Kate says:

    Every little bit of time in the sewing room helps, especially when you have school stuff to keep up with.

  2. Charlene S says:

    Don’t know about most people but for me 15 minutes in the studio gives me 15 hours of renewed patience in the classroom!

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