May A Lovely Year Of Finishes And Short List

I’m stunned that it’s May already. April flew by so fast I feel like I missed it.

I did not finish my April LYoF project or anything on the Short List. So far this year I’ve done better in the odd months, which gives me hope for May.

Here goes the Short List:

  1. The second “squares” quilt. I’m binding it now.


2.  The second “Frosty” quilt. I have a ways to go on this one, but it’s small and will go fast.


3.  A UFO that hasn’t made the list this year. We’ll all be surprised by whatever I pick. Progress on this one is enough.

The “Squares” quilt will be the May Lovely Year of Finishes project.

I’m linking up at Fiber of All Sorts.

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