A Challenging Week

I wish I had crazy creative pictures of quilts to post, but I’ve spent the week at the hospital. The hardware holding mom’s leg together broke. She didn’t even fall, the metal just snapped. Who’da thought?

And since we can’t have a major health event without spending five or six hours in the ER, I got home Sunday night at 2:00 am. Back to the hospital Monday to sit through her surgery which got me home a little before 10:00 pm. I really am getting too old for this.

She’s recovering well but the doctors have struggled to regulate her heart functions. She’s surprisingly content in ICU, watching The Food Channel, munching on meals I wish someone would cook for me and napping at will. At this rate she may not want to leave.

The staggered visiting hours are hell, but things could be so much worse that I’ll just shut up and live with it.  I am working through my backlog of unread quilt magazines.

This week I can honestly say that I haven’t “worked too much”.  A subtle reminder to be careful what you wish for.

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