An Unexpected Result

About the only time I get in the sewing room these days is holiday weekends. I plan to make the most of it, along with catching up around the house.

I left off with the strip set sewn for the FQ challenge. I trimmed it down and cut it into four sections. The sections feel too long to me so I will un-sew and re-sew my way to five sections of equal length. That’s part of today’s plan.

Here are the sections laid out with the only fabric in my stash that worked for sashing. I must have auditioned over two dozen fabrics. Everything else either washed the whole piece out or made some of the strips disappear.


The fabric came from a dye experiment gone wrong. It truly falls somewhere between lime green and baby shit yellow. I believe I mixed golden yellow with chino in the dye bath, a combination I’ll never repeat. Hard to believe it actually works in a project.

The weird ones always do. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

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