Better Than Christmas

My local library has book sales every few months. Sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t. I don’t NEED more books, but I can’t stay away. Those sales are too much fun.
Over the last month the library has cleaned out their shelves. I know almost half the quilting books were sacrificed for the greater good, which meant they would be at the sale today. I made sure I got there right after it opened because the good stuff never lasts.
I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed, but I came home with ten quilting books and one token non-quilting book for $5.

Except for the book on beading, I have checked out all the other books at one time or another, some several times. I’m so happy to own them now that I can’t borrow them anymore.
I could retire tomorrow a happy woman.
Good thing I’m on vacation next week.

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1 Response to Better Than Christmas

  1. I love book sales! My library has a book nook where you can get books for only a dollar or so each. And my local Half Price Bookstore has a corner where all the books are between 1-3 dollars. Can’t beat that!

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