Staycation Day 2: Getting Organized

I listen to books on CD in the car and the current one explains how to organize your whole life in one year. Right. Now that I’m past the absurdity of the idea I can pick up some useful tips.
Me and those tips went to the grocery store and found these cool organizers.

The package doesn’t lie – they are made of sturdy plastic. I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in them, but they’re fine for the bathroom, office, etc. Some assembly required, but even I could figure it out. They come 3 in a pack for $2.99. The first set lives in the bathroom, and I plan to buy more once I start cleaning in other rooms.
I also cleaned up the sewing room and pulled out everything to start quilting the FQ challenge quilt. I drew on clear vinyl to audition quilting designs.


It’s hard to see the lines over the dark fabrics because I used black sharpie. The marker comes off the vinyl with a little rubbing alcohol. Good to know I can reuse it. The roll will probably last me the rest of my quilting life.
So far I’m spending my days doing all those things I want to do and never find time to do. This may be the best vacation ever.

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