Staycation Days 4 And 5: Machines

The temperature soared into the 90s on Tuesday, making it a great day to set up the new machine and start sewing. The new machine handles a lot different than the old one. I had to make a lot of tension adjustments before I got it right. The quilting should go faster now.


The yellow quilting thread against the dark fabrics helps to tie in the sashing. I like this quilt better the more I work on it.
The hot weather brought torrential rain overnight and Wednesday stayed overcast until mid-afternoon. We picked that day to go to The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
This is such a guy’s museum. The full impact of some of the early machines was lost on me since I had no idea what they did or how they were used. It struck me that safety wasn’t even a vocabulary word back in the day. I also never knew that the pilot had to lie on his stomach to fly the Wright Brother’s plane. I wonder if they tied him on? They had guts, I’ll give them that.
I liked the furniture exhibits the best. You don’t see that kind of detail and complexity in furniture anymore.
My husband and I remembered way too much of what they had on exhibit. Talk about feeling old. The newsreels were fun, like a trip down memory lane.
This really is the best vacation ever.

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