July ALYoF And Vacation’s End

I spent the last days of vacation getting back into the normal routine and sewing as much as possible. I finished the FQ challenge quilt just in time. It was my July ALYoF goal and one of two quilts on the Short List.


I’d planned on a rope-like quilting pattern in the sashing, but it didn’t look right. I started stitching it in silk thread and had a terrible time removing it. That silk thread doesn’t break no matter how hard you pull on it.

I also took time to set up my old sewing machine on the desk in license boy’s room. That was my sewing room for many years and a lot of my books and supplies still live there. Now I can have both a piecing and a quilting project going at once.

I’m linking to Fiber of All Sorts. Lots of other people finished their July projects, so check it out.

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